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Strike-A-Light Bags

Indian Made Strike-a-Lite Bag Strike A Light Pouch
These bags are Indian made using smoked brain tanned buckskin in traditional Northern Plains bead technique. Each pouch comes with tin cones and horse hair drops. approx 8.5cm x 16 cm w. cones
BAG11 - Strike-a-Light Pouch ... $ 295.00

Strike-a Lite- Bag Old - Plains Indian Strike A Light Bag
These bags were used for carrying 18th century fire making tools; flint, tinder, and a piece a steeel.
Very nice bag circa 1950 – good condition, approx. 13 cm by 9.5cm.

BAG10 - Plains Indian Strike-a-Light Bag ... $ 295.00

Old Kiowa Bag 1880 Old Kiowa Bag
Old brain tanned leather bag, circa 1880, beaded on both sides, approx. 16cm x 22cm
ATC69 - Old Kiowa Bag....[More Information]

Sioux Stike-A-Lite Bag Old Sioux Strike-A-Light Bag
Fine sinew sewn and lazy stitch beaded harness leather case with intricate design, tin cone suspensions, and flap. Condition: very good, some restoration and additions, 14 cmx 8 cm Circa 1920

Sac  Arapaho Arapaho Strike a Light Bag
Old indian bag circa 1910, sinew sewn, approx. 14.5 cm by 10 cm.

Lakota Bag
Lakota Bag - Private Collection

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