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You may call it hunting camp, primitive cottage, survival shelter, wilderness residence or bug out tent, fact is, it can be all of them. With a few decades of wilderness living experience under my belt, I must say that the tipi is my favorite tent, and I am not the only one saying this.
Historically, conical tents have been used as habitation by peoples all around the world. Native American Peoples of the Great Plains obviously, but also Inuit, Sami (Scandinavia), Nenets (Siberia), etc. Whether they named it Tipi, Tupiq, Lavvu or Chum, it is basically the same; a frame of poles covered with hides.
Unlike light modern tents made for short-time uses, the tipi can be your home for extended stays; it is comfortable, dry, solid, welcoming.

Bug Out Teepee Tipi vs Wall Tent
Both are made of canvas, both require a frame, they weight is about the same, but the tipi takes less volume when packed.
With the tipi, no need to carry a heavy, cumbersome and often expensive wood stove with its pipes along. Just pick up some wood and start your fire, right there inside your tipi. Shortly, you will be ready to cook a good meal, bake your bannock bread, prepare a cup of hot tea and dry your wet clothes. The open fire is the true soul of the tipi, it is life, and it will make you feel right at home.
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Wall Tent

Camouflage Survival Tipi - Copyright Assiniboine Tipis The Tipi is a True Survival Shelter
Our camouflage painted tipis are made of natural Sunforger canvas. This 100% cotton fabric is one of the strongest available today. Often called Marine Duck, this pre-shrunk fabric is also treated; it is water repellant, mildew-rot resistant and flame retardant.
The size of a tipi is determined by its diameter. For instance, a 16’ tipi is approx. 16’ wide (side to side), approx. 17’ long (door to back).
Poles, stakes and pegs should be ordered here
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Size Sleeps Camouflage Teepee Liner
14’ 2 to 3 People $ 1,928.00 $ 620.00
16’ 3 to 4 People $ 2,155.00 $ 716.00
18’ 4 to 5 People $ 2,515.00 $ 777.00
Our tipi covers - Woodland Sltyle, include their door covers, ropes, and storage bags.
Liners have a fire resistant and rot-proof sod-cloth, they are 6’ tall.
Winter liners are also available, they are 7’ tall for more protection against the cold air. To order a winter liner, please click here

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1992 - Our first camp by the lake in Northern Canada, followed by camp 2, 3, winter camp 4


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