Fully Beaded Plains Indian Moccasins
Old moccasins are highly collectibles, and are in great demand. Few moccasins from the 19th and early 20th century are available to the great public. That's why our collection offers a very good alternative for the collector. Our moccasins are beautiful, they are handmade by native artists.
The moccasins presented here are supplied in one size. They are intended for the collector.
Moccasins can also be custom made with your personal design and colors -- we will let you know how to take your feet measurement, but it takes a little time to fill a custom order, so make sure to order well ahead if you wish to wear them on the powwow trail.
Custom made moccasins take more time and work to make, they also cost more.

Sioux Moccasins
Sioux - Private Collection

Beaded Indian Moccasins
Nice pair of Lakota Moccasins
Sioux Moccasins
MOC15 - Sioux.. $ 645.00
Nice Pair of Sioux Moccasins
Lakota Moccasins
Beaded Sioux Moccasins
MOC04 - Sioux.. $ 380.00

Antique Mohawk Moccasins Iroquois Moccasins
Nice paire of early 1900's Iroquois moccasins, good condition.
MOC18 - Iroquois Moccasins.... $ 480.00

Cheyenne Moccasins Cheyenne Moccasins
Cheyenne mocassins circa 1920.
ATC49 - Cheyenne Moccasins... $ 680.00

Old Cree Indian Moccasins
Old Cree Moccasins

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