Old Snowshoes

Indienne du Canada confectionnant des raquettes, Wikipedia Public domain Walking on snow was mastered with two different methods, depending on the continent. No matter where you were, all northern countries look very much the same, trees and snow, more trees and more snow. It did not really matter if you are in Siberia or Northern Manitoba. But for some unknown reason, early Europeans prefered walking on planks or something loocking like skies, while North American Indians developped showshoes. Personnaly, I prefer the later for showshoes are more practical in the woods and thickets. When I have to check my traps, I wear my snowshoes, even more so when time comes to tap maple trees. The Athapaskans and the Algonquians the most sophisticated snowshoes. Frames were generally made of ash wood, and lacing from moose rawhides, which were dicker and more resitant compared to deer and caribou hides. The moccasin is also the traditional snowshoe footwear. Much Indian folklore is centred on the snowshoe. The Ojibway celebrated the first snowfall of the winter with a snowshoe dance.

Old Huron Snowshoes
TRA08 - Old Pair of Huron Snowshoes, Approx. 1,22 m.. $ 115.00

Old snowshoes
TRA11 - Old Snowshoes, Approx. 107 cm .. $ 235.00

Raquettes Cree
Old Algonquin Snowshoes

Raquettes Cree
Traditional Cree snowshoes

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